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Sable's Journey

Sable’s tumor was initially misdiagnosed as a lipoma, which is a noncancerous soft tissue growth.  Unfortunately when she began to lick this area we decided, benign or not, it had to go.  When we took her back to the vet who diagnosed it as a lipoma, they informed us that it was much more serious than originally suspected.  They directed us to specialty care ($$), all of which delayed treatment for months following our initial inquiries.  Fortunately for us, my mom is a breeder and uses a very capable and knowledgeable vet in Crawfordville, Florida.  Dr. Gurht was able to properly diagnose Sable’s tumor and recommended amputation.  We initially rejected this idea, given her age of 14 years.  However, the tumor began to regrow exponentially in weeks following removal.  As scary as it was to amputate I’m SO GLAD that we decided to do it!  SHE WAS SO LUCKY TO HAVE THE TYPE OF CANCER THAT WAS TREATABLE!  Our first night following surgery was scary, but today, approximately 48 hours later, she’s up and around enough to go outside to pee and poop.  What an amazing dog – what a fantastic group of doctors!!  What an awesome God who guided every decision we made and is blessing her recovery!!  And a special thanks to my Mom and Dad who helped me every step of the way.  I couldn’t have done it without them!!

Sable tumor 2